With many years of experience and a passion for technology, we are the solution to everything geek: Home & Small Business Networking, Computer Security and more.  We specialize in helping seniors!

With the aid of a patient and non-judgmental coach, anyone can learn basic and advanced computer skills.  Fear and intimidation associated with learning new things is often the force that keeps seniors from attaining the skills necessary to enhance their lives via the computer and other new technologies.  Senior PC Support can alleviate the discomfort and frustration of clients by providing a private individual learning environment.

High-Quality and Friendly
Services at Fair Prices


  • Networking  for Home and Office

  • ​PC and Software, support & installation

  • Backup Solutions​

  • Remote Support

  • ​Training

  • Virus Protection and Removal 

  • Smart Phone Support

  • Technology Purchase Advice


  • $50.00 per hour

  • $25.00 each additional 1/2 hour 

  • Minimum rate $50.00

  • Free remote or phone consultation, 15 min

  • Remote Service $25.00 first 1/2 hour

  • $10.00 each additional 1/4 hour

  • Payment at time of service




Do you have friends or family who could use a little computer assistance?  Do you want to be able to email or Zoom with the computer novices in your life?  Do you want to give your family or friends a unique and useful gift?  If you answered yes to any of the above, Senior PC Support can provide the help you need to give those you care about greater independence and enjoyment.  Simply contact us to discuss the many options available to you.




Senior PC Support does not maintain a permanent store front as we can better serve our clients with remote access and on-site assistance. Currently, we serve the Naples area focusing on Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers.  Senior PC Support will travel outside these areas depending on the needs of the client, so we invite you to call us regardless of your location. Many items can be handled over the phone



We can assist you with any technical job in your own home or office, from programming your TV to helping you send an email. No job is too small. The difference between us and the other “Geeks” and “Tech Squads” out there is that you won’t find an impatient high school student knocking on your door, who answers their cell phone every five minutes and speaks in technical terms that sound like another language.  I am a senior citizen myself.  Before I sold my business I was in charge of technology for a transportation company.  I will explain the solution in vocabulary you can comprehend, and offer you tips to avoid recurrence.



You can share the internet with all of of your phones, printers, scanners and some TVs in your household.


We can install software programs on your computer.  We can have your computer perform at its best, making sure you are protected from viruses and setup an automated backup.


We can provide training to you on most software programs. This can be done onsite or remotely.



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With many years of experience and a passion for technology, we are SWF solution to everything geek: Home & Small Business Networking, Computer Repairs, Data Security and more.  We specialize in helping seniors!

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