Senior PC Support evolved from the idea that there is a significant need, especially among seniors, for patient technological assistance.  New technologies develop every day and you need not be a computer whiz to take advantage of these developments.  Becoming a savvy user may not be your goal, but with some basic computer skills you can enhance your life by connecting with friends and relatives, paying your bills and researching information.  You will be able to maintain your independence with the ability to do more tasks on your own and have fun doing them. No one is beyond the age of learning.


In the early 70’s, I took my first computer class while working on my degree at the Ohio State University.  This experience sparked my interest in computer technology and I began using computers in my business and home life.  I have spent the past 40 years researching new developments in the computer world and continuously studying advancements in technology.  I quickly learned that computer technology substantially enhanced the operation of my business and functioning of my home. I created Senior PC Support from as I realized that many people are not comfortable using a computer, but would like to become more proficient and many others would simply like to learn how to use a computer.  While there are companies and senior centers that offer group classes that can be very helpful to some, others are often intimidated by the differences in knowledge among the group and would like access to individual learning.  With the aid of a patient and non-judgmental coach, anyone can learn basic and advanced computer skills. 



With many years of experience and a passion for technology, we are Southwest Florida’s solution to everything geek: Home & Small Business Networking, Software Updates, Data Security and more.  We specialize in helping seniors!

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